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Vacation rentals business with 4 independent apartments and an adjacent owner’s residence, located near Joaquina Dunes and 2 excellent beaches – Joaquina and Mole.  Great location, excellent reviews, a perfect small “hotel” in the city with the best quality of life in Brazil. 

EUR 499.000

Apartment Building:

4 equal two-bedroom furnished apartments;  1 bathroom in each apartment.

Parking for 4 cars; barbecue area; washer & dryer. The building communicates with the adjacent house, which features a gym area to which guests have access. Own water supply (well).  Sceptic tank.


3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, gym, walk-in closet / office, terrace.

Parking space for 4 cars. Automatic gate. Own water supply (well). Sceptic tank.


900 square meters (9600 sq. feet), divided in 3 independent lots. (Apartment building, House, and Lawn in front of the house). A new house can be built on that free lot if desired (there used to be a 5 bedrooms house there which we demolished to have more garden). But if your priority is to expand the rental business, you can add at least 4 more apartments. A swimming pool can be easily added as well.

The House can be easily separated in two independent apartments, which can be rented as well.

See Documentation for detailed plans and some important information on the land title.

The vacation rental business is well established on AirBNB and VRBO and is typically fully booked between December and April.

Email us if you want to know more about the occupancy levels and past years’ rental incomes.

Vacation Rentals decrease in the winter time (although it will probably not be the case during the Olympics). During winter months, apartments are usually rented out on monthly basis to foreign exchange students.

This property is located in an area extremely popular with gay tourists: Mole Beach (where the Week parties take place) is just 3 km away. We are also close to Galheta Beach, the only nudist beach on the island, and also extremely popular with gay travellers.

Contact us for more information   *** also check out the rest of this website




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The current setup is “House + 4 apartments for rent”. Thus, the owners occupy the adjacent house. But the house can be easily separated in two independent apartments, if desired. This would bring the total of available apartments to 6.

The apartments in the apartment building are very similar – they all have the same layout. You can download property plans from our Documentation page.

All apartments have a bathroom and two bedrooms (one double, one single). We make folding beds available to groups of 4 guests.




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The purchase price includes transfer of the following:

websites: with a fully functional Reservation System and availability check

Facebook page “Gay Florianopolis” with over 2000 followers

Google + business page

AirBNB listings with over 60 positive reviews

TripAdvisor listing

PurpleRoofs listing

VRBO listing

The Owners’ House

The House is adjacent to the apartment building, and has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room with kitchen, a gym and an office. There is also a nice terrace upstairs, with a nice view of the trees and Lagoa hills.

The House has two three entrance doors, allowing to separate the house if necessary in independent apartments. The layout is very flexible.

As the Apartment building, the House has its own water supply. Thus, in total there are two wells on this property.

There is a nice lawn area in front of the house which can be used to play volleyball or badminton, to extend the garden, or to build another house (in fact there used to be a house there, which we demolished).

Access is through an automatic gate painted as a Brazilian flag, which became a popular landmark as a lot of tourists take pictures in front of our gate.

The house is sold with all its furnishings, but can also be sold empty. There is a washing machine, a dryer, a dishwasher, a 42 inch TV,  and kitchen appliances, as well as weights and some gym equipment (see photos).



Best Location on the island

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Secret Bay Apartments are located 3.4 kms away from the centre of Lagoa da Conceicao. It is officially part of Lagoa da Conceicao neighbourhood, which is quite large and is divided in Centrinho, Porto da Lagoa, Canto da Lagoa, Canto das Aracas, Retiro da Lagoa, Rendeiras, and Osni Ortiga.  We are located in Retiro da Lagoa.

Both Joaquina and Praia Mole are within walking distance (approx. 20 min walk). Secret Beach is a 30-40 min hike away, and is, geographically, our nearest beach – but not the easiest to reach. It is Secret Beach that gave the name to our Apartments – Secret Bay. If you take the hike to Secret Bay make sure to bring your camera – the views from the top of the hill are amazing!

One of the island’s most important gastronomic centres, Avenida das Rendeiras, is literally a 5 minutes walk away.

Downtown Florianopolis is also very close, and so is the airport – 25 min by taxi. You can see a large map by clicking the map sign above our website logo. Zoom in and out using the controls; you can also choose to view a Satellite map by using the selector in the upper right corner of the map.

Lagoa da Conceicao is the most popular area with the expats. Read the Wikipedia article on Lagoa.